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Holiday Math:

Christmas Lights Math

A Blocky Christmas

Christmas Crossword Puzzle

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Discovery Education (Math Techbook)

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Ten Marks (great summer resource)

Unit 1 Number Fluency (Decimal & Fraction Operations)

Thinking Blocks (bar models)
Long division with base ten blocks
Drag and drop division using algorithm
Long Division practice
Snork's Long Division
Circle 3
adding decimals soccer game
Subtracting Decimals soccer game
Multiplying Decimals Practice
Decimal Jeopardy
Power Football Game (all operations)
GCF Fruit Shoot
GCF Sketch's World
LCM Fruit Shoot
LCM Snowball Fight
Boat Voyage video
Dividing Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions
Practice Dividing Whole Numbers by unit fractions
Braining Camp Lesson - Dividing Fractions
Unit 1 Review (Google Forms

Unit 2 Expressions & Equations

Exponents Game
Expressions & Equations
Order of Operations video
another order of ops video
Order of operations games
Survivor Clip (Incorrect Order of Operations)
Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities
collection of videos, games, activities and worksheets that are suitable for the 6th Grade
Distributive Property Game
Like terms tutorial
How to simplify expressions
Simplifying Expression tutorial
Simplifying expressions examples and practice problems
Distributive Property
Rags to Riches- Writing Algebraic Expressions
Like terms matching game
Algebraic Expressions Millionaire Game
Like terms invaders
Flocabulary Video (Algebraic Expressions)
combining like terms tutorial
combining like terms and distributive property tutorial

Solving Equations Ping Pong
Writing Equations
Solving Equations (all operations)
2-Step Equation Game
Solving 2-Step Equations tutorial and practice problems
Solving Problems Using Formulas
Writing Algebraic Equations
Solving 2-step equations
Simplfying Expressions Beat the Clock
Thinking Blocks
adding and subtracting fractions board game
dividing fractions game (basketball)
dividing fractions game soccer
Logic Puzzle with TangramsFractions Jeopardy (all operations)
Various fraction operation games

parts of an expression tutorials

Unit 3 Ratios & Unit Rates

Ratio Rumble
Bad Date video
Thinking Blocks
Ratio Stadium Math Game
Ratio Coloring Game
Ratio Blaster (equivalent ratios)
Double Number Line video
rates and unit rate online game
Flocabulary video Rates & Unit Rates
What is the difference between a rate and a unit rate?
unit rates with conversions LearnZillion video
Converting unit rates
percentage games
Math at the Mall (finding % of a number)
Rates, Ratios and Unit Rates Tutorial
Rates, Ratios and Unit Rates follow up questions
Identifying Dependent & Independent Variables
LearnZillion Video Dependent & Independent Variables

Unit 4 Positive & Negative Rational Numbers

Absolute Value Boxes
Math Man (like PacMan)

Compare and Order Integers (with absolute value)

Integers on a football field
Cake Weighing
Pearl Diver
Coordinate Graphing Video
Gopher Game (Coordinate graphing)
Stock the Shelves (Coordinate Graphing)
Catch the Fly
Hit the Coordinate
Identify points, axes, quadrants
Build a Burger Ecotown video
Finding perimeter and area by comparing coordinates
finding area and perimeter using coordinate plane

Unit 5 Geometry

LearnZillion video nets
Geoboards (area and perimter)
Perimeter and Area
Shape Surveyor (perimeter and area)
Zoo Designer (perimeter and area)
area and perimeter tutorial
Minecraft Volume
Area of a triangle song
Area of composite figures review
all possible nets of a cube
Fibonacci Numbers

Unit 6 Data & Statistics

Describe the shape of a dot plot video
Dunk Tank (mean, median, mode, range)
Box and Wisker Plots
Mean Absolute Deviation song
Video on Mean Absolute Deviation
constructing a box and whisker plot